5D Synergy

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to 5D SYNERGY

Welcome to the other side of the looking glass. Like Alice in Wonderland, are you ready to let yourself slip down the rabbit hole, to find Happiness, Well-Being and Benevolence? To uplift your vibrations and energy? Whether it be with Vinyasa Yoga, a Crystal Bath or the gems available under the Enligtenment tab, welcome to the other side of the mirror, to the 5th Dimension.


What are 3D, 4D and 5D DIMENSIONS?


We call them dimensions, densities, planes. They are, in fact levels (but not like the steps of a ladder).
These levels can interpenetrate, and the higher levels encompass the lower levels.
They are, in fact, levels of frequency, of vibration: everything is energy that vibrates.
In materiality (the visible, outside world), a higher frequency rate corresponds to a higher vibration of atoms (in fact, of electrons rotating faster around the nuclei). An increase in frequency, results in matter becoming lighter, less dense, less visible to our 3D eyes; just as we no longer see beyond ultra-violet. Visible light is an electromagnetic wave in 3D, which vibrates in a very narrow range of frequencies.
In spirituality, (the invisible, inner world), a higher frequency rate corresponds to greater well-being, joy, peace, Love. We also feel lighter, that is, less dense. Hence the name “density,” may be used, as well as, “dimensions”. It’s about a higher level of consciousness which enables Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom.
Of course, materiality and spirituality are complementary:they go together. It is spirituality that creates materiality, which in turn serves as a support for spirituality.
We have been living in the 3rd dimension for a long time.
This is the world of duality, with the inevitable experience of separation that it entails. This is the dominant world of the “me I”, of the ego, the personality, the mental, the emotional, the world of mere survival.
Everything in the 3rd dimension, is based on the differentiation between me and others at all levels: physical, sexual, age, race, character, family, society, work employment, wealth, power, etc.
In the 3rd dimension, everything makes us believe that there is no connection between oneself and others, that each of us alone is for him or herself alone.
Obviously, the confrontation (by the lower chakras) between oneself and all others who are (apparently)separated, different, and uncontrollable that constantly creates fears, clashes, arguments and other reactions.
It is a constant struggle to keep one’s head above water by leaning on the others’ heads.
Also, in 3D we are not fully aware of our creative power.
The manifestation time is long, due to the non-synchronicity of 3D and the multiple obstacles that we put in our way without knowing it.
As well, the world of 3D is both temporally linear and spatially three-dimensional, and this adds to its limits.

By contrast, in 5D, duality no longer exists.
The polarity still exists, but the light and shadow have been integrated, balanced, and our consciousness is at the center, at point zero point.
In this dimension, there is no separation, no judgment.
This is the world of “we One”, where “I” regard others as “me” in another experience.
All are connected, and what happens to one happens to others, and necessarily to oneself.
So, if I wish happiness to others (if I help them, and am of service naturally), that happiness comes back to me.
There is a fusion of individual energies at all levels.
Furthermore, in 5D creation is easy and instantaneous.
No wonder it takes a great deal of work on oneself to achieve 5D: imagine if all of our 3D thoughts/emotions were to create instantly all of the all the silly things that go through our minds, what a disaster that would be!
Finally, it is a non-linear and multidimensional world that connects most profoundly with the soul.
In short, fear, which is experienced in 3D, is replaced by Love.
As for 4D, it is simply an intermediate state between the two levels of consciousness of 3D and 5D, in which duality still exists but less forcefully than in 3D.


How does one pass from one dimension to another?

At the moment, most of us are in all the dimensions of 3D, 4D and 5D simultaneously!
Remember, dimensions are states of consciousness, states of being.
And so, when I feel good, when I am in harmony and at peace, when I am isolated in nature, when I marvel, when I have chills of pleasure, when I have an orgasm, when I am in a state of ecstasy, when I meditate detached from all thought, when I am centered in the heart and in the present moment, then I am in 5D. I am in 5D whenever I am not controlled by my thoughts and my emotions, or in other words, by my ego.
But… this does not last long enough. In general, we are a few rare moments (2% in our day) in 5D. Then, the 3D-world sucks us up quickly like a vortex, through a whole series of down-to-earth concerns… (working, eating, confronting others…) for 80% of our day. The rest we spend in the 4D-intermediate state.
Depending on the work on oneself, the percentages change.
We move from one of these states of consciousness to the other often without noticing it, these inner “portals” being very subtle, undetectable.
Our percentage of time in 5D consciousness increases when we are aware of being happier, of creating what pleases us, of taking pleasure in serving others.
We then attract synchronicities and miracles.
We are multidimensional beings, which means that we are already in all the dimensions, including the Source, since we are the Source. (In a similar sense, a drop of water could say that it is the ocean, since it is of the same essence, size not being important in a fractal universe.)
Here in 3D, we remain unaware that we are also “there” because the veil of oblivion obscures that reality. As we do our inner work, however, and increase our frequency, we become increasingly aware of our SELF, of our parallel existence in other dimensions, starting with the dimensions that are closest: 4D and 5D.
More precisely, we remember what we really are; we regain consciousness of our true Being. Like an amnesiac who slowly regains his or her memory, this is an awakening, the lifting of the veil: I’m not going to 5D; I remember that I AM in 5D!