How does it work?

“Everyone is master of their own destiny. It is our responsibility to create the causes of happiness.”

– Dalaï Lama

VOGEL* cut quartz crystals, these 7 crystals multiply the effect of amplifier and catalyst of the crystal (lithotherapy) and are associated with the color of the rainbow (chromotherapy).


Knowledge of the crystalline is an essential part of the emerging new paradigm.

All VOGEL crystals have 8 properties:

– Amplify the Frequency of Thought
– Concentrate to manifest
– Receive and keep the Thought or the Intention
– Transform or refine the Frequencies of Light
– Transfer Energy or forms of Thought
– Harmoniously combine Frequency Energies
– Issue a Coherent Frequency field
– Translate Thought into Light and this in turn to Coherent Crystalline Light

Each crystal is aligned above one of the 7 main energy centers of the human body (or Chakra) and pulses the color of light corresponding to it.
Its tapered tips act like lasers which focus, accelerate and amplify the crystal’s energies. The colored light, carrying the vibration of the crystal, then generates an energy that is both powerful and subtle, which cleanses, rebalances and harmonizes the chakras.
Health and disease are energetic processes: before the disease reaches the physical plane, it manifests in the etheric bodies.
A Crystal Bath session decrystallizes what is crystallized in the physical or subtle form and brings fluidity and harmony on the different planes of being.