Marc-Ismael Tremblay : The Bird of Hope

The Bird of Hope

The hope of this world is like a plucked bird in the center of the tornado without lull, a dove stripped of its reed of peace facing the wing of anxiety.

Caught in a violent thunderstorm, this exhausted bird whirls in a downward spiral with a dire omen.

Dedicated to a hard landing, perhaps with no tomorrow, his frightened gaze points the cliff towards his original nest, but his wings flutter with weakness, still a few beats before the end of the world.

Yet behind the deceptive veil of this darkness rises a sun of splendor, a light bearing a humanitarian resurrection. Never have been so close to this revelation of our wonderful destiny.

In spite of the alarming cries of the birds of misfortune, the strident complaints of their fears, a song of joy resounds beyond the throbbing clamor. A most exhilarating hymn animates the Earth’s atmosphere.

Through the shadow cast by the vultures hungry for the bloody flesh of destruction, a subtle luminescence pierces the tangible thickness of the darkness with brilliance.

Silent, in the glory of his victory, love pours generously in a shower of comfort, its redemptive tenderness hovers under the weakened wings of crows resigned to the suffering agony of an abused nature.

In the enchanted space of this future, the birds of paradise fly away in full power. These messengers of a new land come to establish their nests in the valley of our hearts.

From North to South in all directions, storks carefully transport fire-feathered fledglings. Children lit up with their divine memory are placed on the chimneys of house filled with prayers.

Everywhere in every corner of life, the long-awaited signal of the new day is rising.

Owls in the middle of the night transform the pupil of their eyes to welcome the light of the midday, flamboyant eagles in love with celestial heights are valiantly flying towards this nascent sun.

Even the humblest of sparrows receive this triumphant call.

From one country to another, this migration towards the spirit of unity spreads irrevocably. No desert, no mountain range stands in the way of this flight. Millions of colorful birds migrate into the depths of their souls, drawing the courage to cross the border of oblivion, to cross the illusion of separation.

Everywhere, songs of bliss resound in the forests, each tree rises with gaiety, welcoming these winged envoys with celestial melodies, the whole of nature is in tune with this harmonious performance.

At not time were the winds so favorable to soar to the enchanting peak of our triumphant destiny. How not to be exalted in front of so many promises, how not to spread its wings in front of this vortex of liberating energy.

Everything is conductive to our flight, throughout our pains, throughout our efforts, the down of our learning has been transformed into powerful feathers ready to defy all the cyclones of ignorance.

Time has done its work to sharpen our claws in order to be able to capture this magical moment, this moment in our history where our planet will take its real place in the Milky Way. This small blue Earth so tiny in the universe is a priceless jewel. In the order of this great cosmic body, each part possesses a precious and irreplaceable essence,

Great intellectual marabouts have fun reminding us of the many galaxies that have disappeared, the decimated species, reminding us of the many disastrous predictions, the apocalyptic prophecies while forgetting to mention the birds of good omen.

Utopia goes beyond the childish dream of innocence, the wishful thinking of an old owl or a colony of penguins on a melting ice floe. Utopia is the ultimate divine creation, the evolutionary design of consciousness, where nothing is lost and everything is transformed into an eternal upward spiral towards the absolute.

We have just broken our shell with the ego of our beak. Without respite, we peep for our substance, hungry for greed, inclined to quarrel, with the impression of being too cramped in the earthly cradle. Not yet big enough to leave the nest towards the sky of our freedom. Since our hatching, our celestial parents have not stopped feeding us with their own energy in order to perfect our wings and become birds of infinity.

No cuckoo from another planet will come to take our place. It is our planetary and divine commitment to take responsibility for maturing, beautifying our plumage, making the quantum leap into the void, leaving the nest and testing the strength of our wings. Space is so immense that it is impossible to hit a fatal obstacle before we have learned to fly.

All learning has its share of challenges throughout our lives. We must have the humility to believe that it is possible and not the pride to believe that it is impossible.

The Earth has been incubating us for millions of years with all the fervor of a loving and nurturing mother. Let us be proud to be her children as we take our steps towards a kingdom where the birds are diaphanous white.

Let’s shake our wings, let’s risk small flights, let’s thwart the fear of heights, let’s glide just for a few seconds, so that at once incredible landscapes appear. So much beauty awaits us, let’s pray the wind to carry us towards the summit of our discovery.

With ardor, let us shake our fears, we are the adventurers of the cosmos, the great immaculate swans of space, nothing surpasses our scale, we touch both sides of the horizon, the uniting of our gaze contains the immeasurable.

In solidarity and not alone, we are all migrating together to the promise land. From hummingbird to condor, each of us has what the other needs to accomplish the ultimate migration. We are bound together in one multicolored body, with a unique plumage and similar plumage. Diversity is our strength and unity our power. The wind is the complicit of our wings, our breath is one.

Let us dance our hearts in the arms of our souls and we will be the children of ecstasy, the birds of paradise.

All of us feel this strange impulse to break the boundaries of our limits, to reach the firmament of the unknow.

Beyond our visible bodies, within our depths, lives an invisible bird, a tangible soul ready to answer the call of its fabulous destiny, the time of our divine inheritance has arrived.

At the dawn of this new day, two winged singers offer us, under the morning dew, a song of encouragement vibrating with certainty.

 Don’t forget

No matter the challenge
The difficulties of the moment
Never, in the whole universe
We doubt your strength
Alone, the fear of your truth
Prevent the blossoming of your power
To make dust, the slightest obstacle
To the wonderful growth of your achievement.

You are of God, of his love, of his greatness.
You think you’re small by thinking you’re something other than what you are.
Forget the lie of your limits
Meet the ultimate thrust of your freedom,
To the sublime dream of uniting, you to this eternal presence
And to be simply of light.

No matter what the doubts
The fears of every moment
In the depths of your immortal nature
You can draw the essence of your power
The energy of your liberation.
Every pitfall, even the cruelest
Is complicit in the elaboration of your divine nature.

You build the courage of your faith
In the acceptance of your wisdom
Nestled in the center of your being.

You have the strength of your trial
The fire of your rebirth
The vivacity of your audacity.
In the victory of your success
Welcome your divine legacy
Keep the celestial vision of your belonging.
Beyond the human in you
Of the illusion of the body and the scourge of death
You are the absolute
By your surrender to it.

You are the fruit of love
The substance of his ecstasy.
You are the flower of the ineffable
The scent of his grace.
You are the stake of creation
The mirror of the Gods
Let the wind of love lift the wings of our heart
To fly away with the Earth to the sky of its coronation.

I wish us a smooth migration Marc-Ismaël