Marc-Ismael Tremblay : The spring of enlightenment

The spring of enlightenment

An invitation to hope and responsibility

One day, in its cold agony, winter began to dream of the effervescence of spring. His ice cubes, pointing their gaze towards the sun, saw themselves in their patient hope to become drop by drop the precious dew of dawn.

More colossal in their winter hold, its glaciers, like children in a frenzied activity, imaginer a crazy race, a nice slide, a surge of freedom, like unbridled current of a river.

The snow, under the whims of the north wind, swirling with violent vertigo, envisaged in its most secret dreams of setting still, like the peaceful water of a lake embraced by mountains.

Far away from the polar expanses, the languid ice floes of separation, dreamed in the glow of the aurora borealis of a loving fusion with the lapping of the ocean.

Only rebels, icebergs were fighting to conquer the hot tides besieging them.

Frost, hail, chill, sleet, all were thinking in their imagination of this mysterious season of spring when everything seems to liquify with happiness.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, in winter, our eminent Lord of the Cold wondered about his own existence. How long were the nights in the darkness of his questioning at the bedside of his eternal worry. How could it turn into a radiant spring without getting lost? How can one contemplate the luminous beauty of the sun when it seems to disappear at any moment, leaving only scant rays on the horizon?

Poor was the hope of the winter, stripped of heat, prisoner of its icy fears, doomed to the implacable law of the climate.

Poor is the hope of our humanity, nailed to lethargy, heir to its learning errors, dreaming of a spring greenery of inexhaustible riches.

We are living the winter of our ignorance since the Ice Age. We swapped our heavy rags of fur for light, waterproof cortex in the belief that we could overcome the vagaries of the weather. In the course of our evolution, we have managed to adapt to all the vicissitudes of the climate and we dream, just like the winter, of the fullness of a clement season with a heavenly flavour, a paradise on Earth.

Our plastic icebergs, though rebellious, hope to melt under the ingenious tide of our lucidity. They are unfortunate to drift by chance in the currents, between the hulls and the seals, between the sirens and the whales, and implore human ingenuity to dissolve them into their fossil appearance in order to return to their original soil.

Our deforested expanses shudder with isolation and imagine the regeneration of their environment, thanks to the sensitivity of our compassion. They are distraught to hear the sound of power saw in the distance, to breathe the smoke of distant fires and, beg human generosity to sow a few seeds of goodness in order to regain the vitality of their common wealth.

Our dumps, true northern permafrost, thawing under the weight of abundance, have always dreamed of still being useful to human activity. They are sorry for our indifference attitude towards them, outraged to see their value denigrated and beg human intelligence to reuse their primary qualities to serve their creators once again.

Pollution, pesticides, genocides, ethnocides, all want to take up the challenge of a new season in the image of a bright future where everything seems to be transformed into happiness.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the polar bear to the emperor penguin, an incredible transformation of planetary consciousness is taking place. Man, our eminent Lord of this kingdom, wonders about his own survival. How many days does he have left to answer the thorny question of how far he has strayed from his mission to be the regent of the planet? How will he manage to find the essence of his destiny without getting lost in the torments of his anguish? How can he resurrect his universal vision to generate a world of solidarity at the service of the humblest?

Poor is the enthusiasm of the man devoid of hope, trapped in the ice of his torpor, doomed to the implacable law of climate.

Yet, rich is our humanity, clothed in the most sublime heritage of the Earth, freed from the inertia of neglect, dedicated to the ineffable virtue of love. Here we are on the threshold of our rebirth; the winter of our gloomy past is fulfilling its dream of spring. These old refrigerates economic structures, with their freezes in the price of oil, deglaze in the sun of renewed energies. The Cold war, from its foreign policies to the realities of nations, is thawing under the unified fervour of men. The ice of the patriarchal dictatorship collapses like an avalanche under the rallying echo of the peoples. The winter of ignorance comes to an end; the clamour of the spring waterfall is heard in the hearts of men worthy of their divine remembrance.

We are only at the firs thaw, but already the invigorating scent of renewal sharpens the greatest hopes. But for the worshippers of the status quo, the indispensable guardians of tradition, everything seems to be collapsing like a house of cards in the wind of excess. Nothing holds together anymore; everything seems to be hanging by a thread. It is the apocalypse of the sacred books, the end of the world prophesied since the beginning of time. And yet we are still here, despite the defeat due to our blindness, our fear of confronting our assumed laziness. Without respite, the Master of the North defends his kin, everything must be sub-zero in order to avoid the new one. No matter the bankruptcy of winter or the promise of a generous spring, the important thing is to control all levels of society.

In spite of everything, the wind from the south is blowing its poetry, the old paradigms are shaken in their inks, hibernation is coming to an end. The snow-covered depth of the bourgeois habit of destroying everything for its own profit is diminishing the face or the scourge of scarcity, poverty, injustice and the awakening of sharing.

Many mornings are still covered with frost, delaying the sowing of our prayer for a different season to the misery of winter. Our path has been a long and perilous odyssey and we still pursue with interest this quest of long mankind, his unquenchable thirst to solve the absolute enigma of his appearance, to understand his place in the middle of this great cosmos and more particularly, on this small blue planet. Can he disappear like a firefly in the night, after a glimmer of survival in this temporal world. Could it be seed if an immortal tree planted in the black soil of the unknow to discover the splendours of the sky as it mature, its prodigious talent for photosynthesis and for transforming light into sugars of extasy.

Since the first ice age, humanity has faced a hostile yet benign environment; a cyclical struggle between tribal life in harmony with nature and individual life in the face of the wilderness. A long epic where the greedy ego and the avid community have merged and fought in the fabulous story of the innate need for personal freedom and the need for universal belonging. During climate change, humanity has developed through its wars and religions. From the beginning of winter, the tribes fought continuously until extermination because they were unable to make a connection between them. It was only a little later that they discovered a string that connected them, believing in the same sun, the same moon guiding them like a God. This mutual information allowed them not to eliminate each other in spite of the battles that persisted because they found a bit of similarity.

Then, in mid-winter, more advanced societies appeared, building cities and developing more sophisticated beliefs, religion began to flourish everywhere, but the collective urge to individualize carried with it the belief in an absolute state, and thus did religious quarrels grow to a magnitude commensurate with their personal gods. Even today, this moto still reigns, caught in the ice of pride; that only my religion is the right one, the only faith worthy of being erected.

We are now at the end of winter, the last phase before the true spring of our planetary ascension. The ego of each individual is at the height of its legitimacy, as is the ego of tribes, nations and countries. The ego lives its hours of glory and the community its hours of grief. Fortunately. Despite deceptive appearances, spring hasn’t said its last word.

As winter falls asleep of its own accord, mankind can think of its maturity. We are still a young planet awakening consciousness, for la long time, we played outside in the snow like little children throwing harmless bullets at each other, but today, the projectiles are much incisive, even deadly. It was the season of the great cold in the darkness of our innocence and the season of the headwinds in the duality of our ignorance. We are now ending the most ungrateful and also the most emotional phase of the adolescence of our humanity. Everything is turned upside down; hormones are full of the goofiest adventures, the slightest hint of a storm, a small criticism lights a fire of anger, a bit of humour unleashes hilarious joy. It is the crisis of identity, of the painful learning of the intensity and the ultimate need to exist in oneself in from of the other.

However, in the middle of winter the weather is hard. Are we going to survive, do we have enough reserves to get through? Is it possible that the cold will last until we freeze to death or must we resign ourselves to the whims of this endless season? The great dilemma of our teenage insecurity, as well as the ardour of our moments of victory over our fears, propel us into the nothingness of our future.

Despite his reckless nature, the teenager is groping between the idea of climbing the snowy peaks of his ambitions or gliding through the valley of opium to freezing his mind in a world of flight, in the virtual spasm of oblivion. Free to choose under the pressure of so many unforeseen circumstances, so much contradictory information, we no longer know where to start or where to end.

For a long time in the cold Siberian depths of our evolution, we waited like children, a saviour, a father from heaven to liberate us, to warm our hopes. We also claimed the warmth of a tender mother in the hearth of a peaceful home. However, our destiny lies far beyond our dependence on any one authority.

We can no longer be victims of our own helplessness; our legs are strong enough to stand and our arms strong enough to seize this opportunity to grow. Moreover, without denigrating the value of our religion, they have not been able to guide us toward maturity; a little warm milk in a cold belly cannot succeed in raising us to our true power. As for our leaders, those illustrious politicians with good intention and roaring promises, if they no longer drink bottled breast milk, they are just beginning to eat solids and are hardly in a position to cope with this declining winter. Slightly older, but still young teenagers who are at least mature enough to babysit, waiting for the parents to arrive.

What to do with this winter that lasts through the jolts of spring, will there be enough mature parents to stem the deluge of snowmelt, enough awake men and women to thwart the breakup of ice on the river of life? The question arises and no one knows whether there will enough of them to support this transition. We have to rely on ourselves, all of us together, because ne economist, despite his genius, can grasp economic fluctuations, the global circulation of money. No scientist, not even the most learned, can solve global warning. Neither any head of state, the best intentioned in the world, is in a position to counter the human migration of those afflicted by war and hunger. In fact, no one person, individually, can claim to know the answer to all its upheavals.

On the other hand, the period of adolescence ends at the same time as this painful winter. The fiercest gusts of wind fade away, but as at the beginning of every season, winter takes over again for a few days to fight its agony, to taste the last ice cubes of its fantasy before the inevitable appearance of this liberating spring, if so desired.

Are we really ready to welcome the sublime green of this enchanting season, to hear the joyful music of the stream splashing the earth with fertile joy, to taste the loving euphoria of birdsong, to smell the wet scents of a soil in revolution and to breath the sudden frenzy of a spring that has appeared.

The answer is obvious, each and every one of us has suffered and is still suffering from frostbite during this long winter of our evolutionary gestation. We still suffer the acute pinches of those months of sub-zero; our faces are tense, wrinkled by the cold of our indifference, by the gusts of our anger and by the cruel blast of our jealousy. All along our journey, snow has fallen on our greedy world and it keeps falling on the fragility of mankind.

From the Artic to the Antarctic, we travelled a lot and managed to resolve a thousand and one dramatic situations. Our itinerary has not been an easy one. However, the storms did not dampen our tenacity, nor did the snowpack bury our determination. We have also experienced some grace flakes, some gentle blow of wind in the heart of winter that have rekindled our strength and reactivated our commitment to continue the work of our Creator. Many times, bursts of snow have strayed from our path, sometimes losing hope of a promised land, but never have our footsteps walked this white carpet without a purpose or without the intuition to serve a force greater than ourselves.

Our humanity has the merit of its weaknesses, the value of its respectable achievements, the humble talent of its learning and the virtue of its efforts to understand its passage on this tiny planet, lost in the midst of the immeasurable immensity of infinity.

If we have managed to survive from civilization to civilization, as known or unknown races, it is by the addition of our collective consciousness, our ancestral memory stores in the DNA of our cells. Every discovery, experience, ecstasy or other lived by any individual is inscribed in each of us. We are bound like a forest by a single root. We have all contributed to our planetary rise, to the awakening of a humanity on the way to transcending all separations. We have also built this winter abyss as it melts and floods our ship Earth. We also possess the means to plug the holes inflicted by the reefs of our impertinence, the flippancy of this childlike attitude towards our nourishing mother.

Our ignorance is not to blame but to educate; we no longer have time for accusations, spring is at our doorstep. We can forgive our regard for the past through the innocence of our childlike purity. On the other hand, we will not be able to forgive the voluntary innocence that we are currently developing without our knowledge, by burying our heads in the sand and proudly pretending to ignore our responsibilities while believing, as before, that there are no consequences for our actions. All the clumsiness of our adolescence can be repaired, but the wounds are deep. Hardened patches of ice almost completely cover the secret hope of our success. Fortunately,

maturity is gained through experience and we have a great opportunity to lay the groundwork to be ready for the revolutionary spring ahead.

Many of us will speak against this possibility; for many scholars hypothesize that there no turning back, that we have reached the point of no return, and that whatever we do today will be just a sword in the water. It’s up to them to believe in it and maybe even be right, no one knows. However, we are still alive and ancient myths are perhaps more real than our modern theories and that the gods are still among us.

Let us remain in the stifling vise of intellectual logic, for we possess minds blazing with creativity. In the mirror of form, everything can be invented and trans formed. We are only in the early cosmic beginning of our evolution and there are so many feasible scenarios before u that it is impossible to describe them.

Let’s have fun, let’s get off the beaten track and look straight ahead at the miracle of creation. Let’s transport ourselves into an unreal world to illustrate the potential of life.

What if the bees were a colony of evolved beings, from a distant star that came to our Earth to pollinate the flower of our consciousness.

And if ants, through the frequency of their antennas, coordinate the Earth’s telluric field in order to keep the solar axis in harmony with the planet.

What if the cobwebs are sensors of galactic thought.

One could also believe that the disappearance of the dinosaurs was a transfer to another fledgling Earth to perform a similar role.

That probably the astral dimensions are teeming with unknown animals of incomparable beauty, ready to tread the depts of our jungles.

Or even better, that magnificent plants possessing the nectar of the Fountain of Youth are about to unveil their magic formulae.

Haven’t we seen the miracle of the chrysalis transforming into a majestic butterfly. The whole of nature abounds with its highlights, some more spectacular than others. Who knows, if man won’t grow angel wings in this spring that is coming to travel to the center of the Milky Way. Who knows, if the polar ice cap has to disappear so that we can regain our amphibian power and swim with the dolphins; weren’t we an amide not so long ago. Who knows, if the two degrees of temperature increase expected are not the degrees missing from the ninety-eight degrees of the human body to reach the one hundred percent of its planetary consciousness.

Enough joking, death has always beset us, it is the ultimate question that has anguished us throughout this great winter.

The prehistoric feat of survival, the only certainty we have of seeing our bodies plunge into the eternal abyss of death. What about our soul and its immortality? We are undeniably all concerned about our particular beliefs and, more important, trapped by their relative flavour.

We can proclaim that death does not exist, give credit to this bewitching statement to serve as a placebo to alleviate our fear of a night without tomorrow. Or we can dust off our old parchments predicting a vengeful fire, a flood to purify us, to bring about repentance to prevent the disappearance of the human race. So many subterfuges to thwart the cunning of our mortal existence.

We unconsciously adhere to these prophetic tales from the darkest and coldest period of our humanity. This is nothing new, we have the obsession of death, the preoccupation of the end of the world versus the ascent to paradise. Not surprisingly, it was cold to death in that ice age and naturally we dreamed of the occult elixir of eternal warmth.

Many layers of ice have dissolved since then, but death always triumphs through its impenetrable mystery. When we lived in symbiosis with nature, we followed the cycles of the seasons harmoniously and the decree of death did not really exist. We could easily imagine transforming, during the transition of death, into a Pole Star floating up there in the firmament and immediately returning like a wolf howling at the full moon. Time had no more hold than space and one surrendered tot the spirit of things at the very heart of this unity with the « Great All ».

The identification with the physical body was not as pronounced and marked as it is now; the intellect was till hibernating before taking its full development, classifying, naming, judging, dethroning our senses and psychic faculties. We haven’t completely lost this merger. The invisible one always makes the murmur of his voice heard; the angels have not stopped tickling u unexpectedly to avoid a precipice. The elves, the gnomes, all this humble little world, which continues despite our ingratitude to make flowers and perfumes, trees and wonder.

The chaos of destruction hovers over our heads, but much more in our heads because we no longer perceive the unity of the living. Our thoughts about death have been frozen for centuries in the damnation of rational control. This has given the power to frighten, to divide and rule far beyond the dictatorship of one country or the globalization of our planet.

We are credibly predicting the sixth extinction. We have vague memories of the world of the Sumerians, Atlanteans, Homos Sapiens and many other civilizations. Have they really disappeared, have they migrated to other planes, other dimensions of consciousness? We cannot doubt their existence since we have the memory of them, just like our deceased friends and relatives, who are still as present in us as they were physically. Since the dawn of time, in all cultures of our world, we have spoken not to death or the dead, but to the immortal part of our being.

Every night, during our dreamlike life we visit them, climb ancient temples, communicate with an Aztec God, discover a pyramid and fight a tyrannosaurus according to our nightmare, without forgetting of course the meeting of angels, masters, unknown creatures or aliens. Sometimes this dreamlike life seems more real than our three-dimensional world.

Are we living in a dream, are we going to suffer an alleged sixth extinction? This is possible if we believe our most pessimistic forecasts. For our conscious thought has the same magic as our dreams. In the mirror of form, we can all create either our paradise our hell.

We are, with the Earth, the mirror of form, the portal to all dimensions, the prism with rainbow colours reflecting the unique light of the immortal source. Our bodies are made of flexible energy, malleable substance and imperishable stem cells. This is in fact the adage of immortality. « nothing is lost, everything is transformed».

We are accustomed to our limitations and the indolence of loving them, but the purpose of evolution is to make us regents of this Earth and not tyrants.The teenager’s stage of emancipation with his foster mother is in the midst of a crisis and it is time to mature, to thank her for her support, to apologise for our difficulty in controlling our emotions and to offer her all our regrets. We also have to forgive ourselves for our lack of obedience, for thinking we knew everything by ignoring the laws of nature, mother’s recommendations, for pretending to make our bed, tidying our room and putting our clothes in the wash.

The mess our planet is in reflects our adolescent state of consciousness. We don’t need « Papa God» to punish us, put things in order or save us. He is busy creating other solar systems knowing that his children will behave well with their Earth Mother. Since he is a benevolent and responsible Father, all the energy we need emanates from far away, from his loving heart. At the beginning of the ice age as we were still only small children, its energy contribution « its silvery light » gradually unfused the Earth, avoiding waking us, because our sleep was in this slow winter incubation night a primordial stake for our future development.

A few millennia later, in the second phase of winter, our ferocious teenage appetite was expressed vividly. Our hollow, voracious bellies were ready to swallow up the whole Earth. Like insatiable goose bites, our gluttony carried us thoughtlessly to empty the fridge to plunder the family pantry at any time of the day.

Our hungry pack wasn’t always easy to train, to lead. Fortunately, a mother’s patience possesses an irreproachable gift of self, a strength of love that can lift mountains and force -feed even the most ungrateful. The Paternal energy emitted at this time increased in intensity; the ice became more porous and smoother to allow his vigorous teenagers to exercise their muscles, skate, ski and explore a world of immaculate whiteness. A captivating, decisive and at the same time uncertain period. How, as they grow, will this exacerbated power of youth and youthful fever be channeled into responsible adulthood? This is a normal worry for a loving Mother and a natural fear for a Father proud of his offspring.

It’s time for the big decision. The frustrated teenager is fed up with his many addictions, being driver by others and constantly taking without feeling the need to give. He wants to serve, to make himself useful, to honour his parents who worked hard for him, to bring his light, his genius and his beautiful contribution to this world. Despite his casual appearance, his sometimes-rebellious mood, his nature is sensitive, full of altruism and he dreams of a universal « Big Party» where everyone embraces each other and sings about the beauty of life.

It is also a time for great decision. How did he end up turning his whole room upside down? How did he manage to live in this mess for so long without realizing it? He has had enough of his « trip of unconsciousness», the time has come to prove himself, to take to the open sea to concretely realize his aspirations and put his dreams into action. It is at this precise moment of its growth that the light of the Father Sun releases its power. The teenager has built up a musculature strong enough to receive all the luminous vitality he needs. He has the maturity to carry this humanitarian projects. Already, the first signs of the spring are warming up his greatest hopes. His enthusiasm overflows, everything becomes possible with his bursting eagerness.

As young adults, we are learning at the end of winter to use this sun of new consciousness, to infuse ourselves with this springtime energy that wants to flower our hearts, to vivify our faith in ourselves. Everywhere on the planet, this light power operates, and all of us, in our own way, feel this strange sensation that nothing is the same anymore. We have the impression that something new is happening that is not in the annals of our history. Having lived so long among the cold and rigid moods of the Master of the Cold, we no longer have the memory of the kingdom of heat, the memory of the fire in live with the divine Sun.

From the Arctic Circle to the most arid desert, we have been able to adapt to extreme conditions. Thanks to our incredible power of adaptation, we have been able to conquer every corner of the Earth, we are honoured by this

magnificent and exceptional conquest. However, the downside of this quality is the risk of feeling comfortable even in the midst of chaos. To get used to disease, war, famine, pollution and the end of the world as a normal situation, and, that it has always existed and will always exist. We find is hard to believe that this condition could be any other way, because we have identified so much with this state of occurrence. This has become our reality, our winter. The ridiculous idea that we can adapt and live in harmony, health and abundance without wars or conflicts, appears to be pure illusion and that a true springtime of fraternal warmth is nothing more than childish frivolity. How can we admit the possibility of distracting ourselves from our usual unhappiness for a happiness as real and tangible as this distress in which we live and which is so familiar to us?

We have been arguing for moons about the dilemma of duality, good and evil, war and peace, and we are trapped in this snare that cannot be rationally elucidated. In the wisdom of life, duality is the dance of unity to engender creation. Nothing opposes, everything complete itself; the sun reflects itself in the moon, the right hand binds itself to the left hand in perfect harmony, the woman unites herself to the man in a sublime embrace, the activity rests in the arms of a regenerating sleep. It was in our learning of the intellect that we created dualism, the distinction between good and evil, the relative judgment of what we like and dislike, losing the discernment of the wisdom of unity.

Our planet is suffering the effects of this misunderstanding, this separation from unity. We are beginning to understand the whole symphony, the prodigious and at the same time precarious balance of nature. We realize how much we belong together and how much we are connected et every particle of this world in the wonderful choreography of unity.

At the beginning of our Ice Age, we survive our age-old tribal feuds, understanding that we had a common point that connected us either through worship of the Sun or the Moon. Then we developed more idealistic ways of tolerating each other. Now, for the first time in the history of our humanity, we are finding universal common ground without the slightest chance of being divided by the argument of relative knowledge or so-called absolute truth.

We face a nature unbalanced by our ignorance of its laws of reciprocity and unity. It doesn’t matter if we can one day live on another planet, we will absolutely have to relearn its laws, in order to live consciously in harmony with our environment. If we don’t want to be exported elsewhere in any universe. Ecology. or our mutual need for nature, becomes our Sun, our God to be venerated with the greatest respect. No country, no continent can exclude itself from this reality of our irrefutable need for unity for our survival on this Earth. We are all under the same banner of organic fraternity, of human frailty and therefore of our undeniable dependence on each other. This universal banner dethrones all the « dogmas» or our fragmented civilization.

Pollution becomes our teacher, its ultimate teaching is direct, inescapable and implacable if we do not integrate it. We have to do our homework every day, no delays will be allowed to take our exam. Its rules are simple: recycle, respect, regenerate, replant, redistribute, thank, etc.

We must return to the school or nature, have the humility to relearn its basic principles, nothing too complicated if we start immediately. We already have the technology to do that. We are the manufacturers of money; we know organic processes that can accelerate in one year what nature can do in four hundred years. We also know how to tame quantum energy in order to become independent of fossil and even solar energy for free. However, the selfish issues of power, complacency, privilege over others are at the heart of the problem. We could avoid enormous suffering, horrible waste to our humanity and to our Earth during this transition from this old winter and this new spring that is brewing if we learn to resolve or integrate its three principles of human learning.

Ego versus community. We are both a single personal entity and a universal collective entity. One cannot be without the other in this law of unity. In the beginning, we lived as a merging tribe to face the great winter, a form of communal ego, with little personal awareness, like a pack of wolves. Contrary to popular belief, the Alpha wolf does not rule for himself but for the pack without distinction of importance, he his guides by the collective energy of the group. Then, throughout the cold days and nights, the individualization of the ego gradually developed; Pharaohs « sent by the gods» and the natural veneration of the people, Kings « royal lineage of the family» and the devoted respect of the people, emperors« self-proclaimed» and the forces submission of the people, dictators «usurped power» and senseless slavery of the people. Then, in a cyclical manner, the people revolt, the collectivity regains its rights, the monarchy collapses, parliaments are established, then human, individuality and family rights appear. It was a long and arduous process between the ego and the community. We are both in love with individual freedom and an intimate desire to be with others. Our collective consciousness evolves along with our individual consciousness in the law of unity; the two are secretly linked by their interdependence in order to reach the peak of their equilibrium in this desire spring.

Science versus religion. For most of the Ice Age, science and religion were one; the alchemical magic of nature served as a reverence. The global vision of the starry sky did not imply any distinction. The emergence of recent analytical thinking has created a gap that we are now beginning to fill. Science and religion work in the same way with the help of hypothesis and achieve the same result. Religion suggests the hypothesis that a God exists and demands blind belief in this statement. After a life of devotion, ecstasy and disappointment, the religious comes to the conclusion that he needs proof of the reality of God; his faith becomes objective. The scientist, on the contrary, establishes himself on facts and, as he discovers the underlying realty of the particles studied, comes to the conclusion that an infinite essence exists beyond all intellectual evidence; his faith becomes subjective. A great reconciliation is now being established between the two for the benefit of our awakening to this simple evidence of unity.

Matter versus spirituality. From visible to invisible where is reality? For millennia we were buried into the humus of the Earth, under a shady sky, believing that only matter existed. Then our eyes opened to the sunlight to worship it to the point of despising the prison of matter. Between these two extremes, our beliefs have swung like a pendulum and, little by little, we are discovering that matter and spirit are the same energy in the consciousness of unity.

These three principles are paramount, not to our survival, but to the life of our humanity. What good are all the technologies we are sometimes alienated from if we don’t know our neighbour’s name? How can we taste the opulence of a meal next to a starving beggar? What good are all these empty castles to un in front of the homeless? The extremes hide, deny, fight each other to avoid seeing their unbalance. We are trying to address this disparity through humanitarian organizations, donations, laudable acts often done to forgive ourselves supposedly deserved privileges. Our speeches are flamboyant with guilt, moralizing and noble impulses to get lost in the night of oblivion.

No matter what, our denunciations towards governments, multinationals, our neighbours, our brother or sister, we must find the honesty to look at ourselves. No one in particular is guilty of the situation. It is all of us together, collectively, that we are responsible for it. The great energy field of our consciousness forms a well from which we draw our water. If we contaminate our thoughts with anger or jealousy, we flood our consciousness with viscous water that fertilizes our human and planetary environment. We are responsible for what we drink from this common source and what we pour into this collective consciousness. The oceans, deans of our Earth, reflect this wisdom to us to take care of our thoughts, not to publicly throw our hatred on the rivers or the networks of our communications.

That is why we must mature, stop waiting for a particular person, a messiah, an alien or a miraculous invention to free us from this quagmire. It is not up to us individually to take on our shoulders the weight of this world and exhaust ourselves to counteract it in a reactive way. For without inner wisdom, an activist, despite his good intentions and determination, can unwittingly fuel what he so desperately seeks to counter. It is within us, in the silence of our intuition, that we will be able to know our share of action, taking care not to elect ourselves for a mission based on our fear or our claim to be the chosen one. Only an aspiration of our soul can guide us in our true service to humanity. As humble as it may be, our service, guided from within, becomes a torrent poured into the ocean of our collective consciousness. The frightened restlessness of our mind has little wise advice to give us and more often throws oil on the blaze, bringing no comfort.

For some of us, our reflection will lead us to be more active internally, to calm our soul states in order to channel a river of peace for the Earth. For other of us, our thinking will propel us tot the frontlines, wielding our external commitment to change events like a spring waterfall moving down the flanks of change. No one is greater or more useful than another, it is the unique way in which each person pours his or her cup of vivified water into the well of our collective consciousness. That way, our leaders, our scientists, those we trust, will be able to act wisely for the community and the planet, not for their personal interests or powers.

Faced with the pile of waste, the clean-up we have to do, we wonder how we are going to get there. The same question arises in front of the heap of waste we have inside. Either way. The task in enormous, but inevitable for our survival. Impossible to escape from it whether you open or close your eyes, the evidence remains and that is good. For in this way we are consciously forced to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, to feel powerless, to be the victim of the situation, to avoid our own responsibility and to put the blame on others. It is at this point that our personal commitment becomes a universal commitment where the ego and the collective come together.

It is by taking care of our own backyard and not the other’s that we will succeed in helping each other. Throwing our garbage in the neighbour’s yard is not the way to do it. For now, for most of us, we are ecologically aware of the law of return; what we throw into our neighbour’s stream, we drink from our own tap water. A wise young man said, « Do unto others as you would have them de unto you, and love your neighbour as yourself. An old ecological adage that has been forgotten for two thousand years.

Instead of panicking about the task at hand or panicking about the magnitude of what is happening, let’s take the pressure off our shoulders by trusting each and every one of us, the whole of humanity, and especially ourselves. Let us take care of our own situation by clarifying our vision of life, bur defining before the mirror of form the image of ourselves and what we hope for this world, our world.

Some nights, sadness will overwhelm us, thinking instead that it is the spring of destruction that is coming. We can make our tears beneficial, that they flood our compassion for the ignorance of this young humanity. When anger overwhelms us before the cruelty of these ecological as well as human massacres, let us use this fury with an action full of love, remembering that each of our thoughts fills the universal well that we all drink from.

Let us admit that this is not easy, that these are fine words for our minds conditioned for so long to act differently. But we must begin to act so that the death of a polar bear is not a useless sacrifice to teach us wisdom and the swollen belly of a hungry child is not a vain suffering to teach us sharing. In the law of unity, everyone does his share even at the price of death, the most sublime gift of life.

Let’s risk picking up a piece of paper on the street, overcome a grudge, planting a tree or helping a friend. Our daily gestures are tomorrow’s harvest. It does not matter if many of us are still hiding our heads in the sand, like children under their mother’s skirts, and unconsciously continue to destroy while deliberately refusing to take responsibility. It does not matter that many of us with our heads in the clouds believe in the coming of new age, living the dreamy expectation of the Messiah, selfishly basking in our fabulations. What would cause us the greatest harm and the most enormous damage would be for us to do the ostrich on our ability to change things, to deny the power of our innovative minds, to doubt the strength of union, to lose confidence in human beings, when we are heirs to an infinite power or creativity.

We are the prophets of our lives; we reap the fruits of our prediction of yesterday. What do we hope for now, what do we wish to prophesy? Anything is possible. We can confound the most skeptical, thwart the archaic predictions of our ancient books, and write a history full of victory that is worthy of what we truly are, creators capable of building a paradise on Earth.

Like an ice pack, we float on a sea of change, wandering on the surface amidst appalling turbulence and destructive tsunamis. While feeling like the worst is right in front of us. But we forget that in the depths of the ocean, powerful currents direct our destiny. Beyond our ascending waves of progress and descending waves of decay, subterranean cosmic forces are driving the evolution of our humanity.

The master creator is a talented artist and his work is not finished. One brushstroke up, another down, and everything can seem to become chaotic when you’re not in the artist’s head. What do we know about the magnificent design he offers us on the canvas of our free will? In our childhood imaginations, we believed that paradise was to eat well, play well, and intelligently create civilizations with unbelievable technologies that redefines themselves each time our consciousness evolved. Then, with a little more fantasy in our teenage imaginations, we projected ourselves into a world of science fiction that far surpassed our greatest literary geniuses, but again, our limits caught up with us. Somewhere in our beings, we feel a deep longing, a feeling of wanting to come home. Somewhere in our souls we touch the source of our origin in the golden silence of ecstasy.

The hourglass of time always flows in our veins and nature regenerates itself tirelessly faithful to the purpose of creation. We are and always will be alive, such is the destiny of our humanity. It doesn’t matter which mirror of form we look at ourselves in.

Winter is coming to an end, we have prayed, shouted, alone in this desert of ice to overcome the darkness of cold, to endure the tumult of an endless storm, but the wind from the south brings the echo of our prayers, the magical breath of spring, let’s take courage , let’s not lose the compass, the North Pole is moving south just a little lower, towards our hearts filled with the warmth of our love.

Let’s be careful not to darken ourselves by regularly listening to bad news or continually discussing the negative aspect or our situation, under the pretext of being realistic or down-to-earth. Subtly, these playful activities are insidious and gradually sap our most beautiful energies, while making us feel as if everything is too heavy for us. Faces with so many plagues, we feel lost before we have even tried to remedy anything, to the point of imagining ourselves hearing the requiem for our burial. Whereas, on the contrary, we hear the trumpet of our coronation as future and wise regents of the planet. Let us rather ignite this happy vision of a spring to activate our forces of action and rekindle the fire of our commitment.

Let’s keep our spirits timeless. We don’t have to save the planet, but we do have to love it just as we all have to love each other. Our only responsibility is to love by letting love resurrect the Earth.

Let us transform our eyes into powerful suns so that, under the trace of our footsteps, this garden of wonders will blossom again.

Let us unite our hearts in the ardour of service so that from the sweat of our hands may flow the streams that have disappeared.

Let us cry tears of joy together so that this pure water or our compassion floods the deserts and re-greens the beauty of our Earth.

In reality, we are never born, we do not die, we are life, the eternal moment of an immortal creation.

I chose to be a swallow that announces spring, to return to the south, close to my heart, to drink at the source of love.

And you, who can fly, will you accompany me in this great migration to the land of the new day. Two or thousand is much better and warmer.

Universal Invocation

To you, my sweet, intimate part of myself in the unity of the living.

Come, with the luminosity of your service, join all those sensitive hearts, who like you, by their ardent fervor, are gradually infusing harmony on Earth.

Today, our humanity is awakening to its soul dimension. Everyone, in particular, undergoes an inner delivery in order to be born a child of life and not of survival. The time has come to break the chains of our fears and raise the banner of our commitment to Peace. Let us be proud to proclaim our luminous truth, to honour the work of our soul in the expression of our beauty. We are the power of our dreams, the strength of our creativity. We are the source of our future, the fertilizing water of our development.

Love is the only true technology capable of realizing our vision of universal brotherhood.

This invocative prayer originates from the heart of man, in his deep divine reminiscence. The simplicity of his words resurrects in a tangible way the inherent qualities of our being in order to establish an earthly kingdom worthy of our heavenly presence. We can evoke it daily, with our hands on our heart, aloud or un silence, alone or in a group, wholly or in part, in order to establish an intense communion with our soul. Quietly, our individuality will be impregnated with a universal flavour under the exaltation of its resonance.

Its completeness touches all of our needs. Its origin does not belong to any cult. Its power is the « I am » which contains all the seeds of what we are, the « I claim» which activates the flowering of its seeds and « I thank» for the harvest of its fruits. His wisdom uses the multiple of the Trinity. i.e., 3-9-12-108 of the science of number and its magic comes from the candour of the person reciting it.

By taking the time to gather ourselves, to thwart our restlessness for a few minutes a day, we can succeed all together, by wishing it, to reinvent our world, to emanate a vortex of healing energy so that our planer shines with a peaceful glow.

In the unity of our voices, we will pave the way for our Liberation

In the unity of our feet, we will walk on a land without borders.

In the unity of our eye, we will light the dawn of the New Day.

Feel free to share it with others in a spirit of brotherly support

Peace in love Marc-Ismaë

The universal invocation

1 I am, I claim and I thank

      The inclusive power of love.

2 I am, I claim, I thank

             The liberating strength of truth.

3 I am, I claim, I thank

             The knowledge inspired by wisdom.

4 I am, I claim, I thank

             The immaculate transparency of the soul.

5 I am, I claim, I thank

             The omnipresent glory of the spirit.

6 I am, I claim, I thank

             The mystical fervor of the heart.

7 I am, I claim, I thank

             The genuine complicity of the body.

8 I am, I claim, I thank

             The heavenly spell of peace.

9 I am, I claim, I thank

             The redemptive act of compassion.

10 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The intimate quietude of abandonment.

11 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The sovereign clemency of mercy.

12 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The translucent glow of purity.

13 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The exhilarating flame of joy.

14 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The delicate scent of humility.

15 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The inflexible support of abundance.

16 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The dazzling light of illumination.

17 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The swift service of gratitude.

18 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The impeccable balance of harmony.

19 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The invigorating strength of healing.

20 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The vibrant energy of health.

21 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The subtle intelligence of patience.

22 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The sacred music of silence.

23 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The innate flexibility of tolerance.

24 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The wining choice of acceptance.

25 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The intrepid boldness of courage.

26 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The revelatory vision of faith.

27 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The miraculous offering of goodness.

28 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The sincerity frankness of honesty.

29 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The enlightened perception of discernment.

30 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The prophetic guidance of intuition.

31 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The victorious support of grace.

32 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The spontaneous freshness of innocence.

33 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The noble stature of simplicity.

34 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The infallible justice of forgiveness.

35 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The intoxicating inspiration of creativity.

36 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The deserving commendation of success.

37 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The evocative magic of expression.

38 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The alchemical work of humour.

39 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The effective balm of charity.

40 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The immutable shield of protection.

41 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The vibratory echo of listening.

42 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The fundamental solidity of rooting.

43 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The indispensable tool of discipline.

44 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The fertile impulse of generosity.

45 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The priceless wealth of contentment.

46 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The poetic magnificence of beauty.

47 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The essential certainty of trust.

48 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The palpable quintessence of happiness.

49 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The tender fire of affection.

50 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The inevitable science of detachment.

51 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The assiduous zeal or perseverance.

52 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The affable kindness of indulgence.

53 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The reasonable principle of integrity.

54 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The serene depth of fullness.

55 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The docile attitude of benevolence.

56 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The supreme remembrance of our perfection.

57 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The irresistible charm of modesty.

58 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The heroic gesture of caring.

59 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The romancing dance of fluidity.

60 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The refined elegance of courtesy.

61 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The warm atmosphere of sweetness.

62 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The happy spell of enchantment.

63 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The secret caress of empathy.

64 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The unified sacrifice of altruism.

65 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The responsible involvement of maturity.

66 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The marvelling prayer of contemplation.

67 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The honorable art of respect.

68 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The natural prestige of dignity.

69 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The exemplary politeness of discretion.

70 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The beneficial value of mutual aid.

71 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The necessary need of self- esteem.

72 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The convincing attitude of determination.

73 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The joyful vitality of enthusiasm.

74 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The fairy-tale splendor of clarity

75 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The chivalrous ardor of devotion.

76 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The edifying word of eloquence.

77 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The reflected measurement of weighting.

78 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The undeniable firmness of robustness.

79 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The reciprocal tenderness of understanding.

80 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The mutual tribute of recognition.

81 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The deliberate worship of gratefulness.

82 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The intense ardour of exaltation.

83 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The candid opening of receptivity.

84 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The notorious endurance of resilience.

85 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The obligatory end of illusion.

86 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The serene ecstasy of bliss.

87 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The human evidence of our originality.

88 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The unalterable annulment of the separation.

89 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The instant abolition of all resistance.

90 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The immediate presence at the moment.

91 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The radical elimination of ignorance.

92 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The conscious realization of unity.

93 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The lucid revelation of my triumphant destiny.

94 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The princely opulence of my divine inheritance.

95 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The cosmic unveiling of my origins.

96 I am, I claim, I thank

                  The vast immensity of my absolute essence.

97 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The rediscovered bliss of my immortal nature.

98 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The crucial assistance of the fellowship.

99 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The gentle melody of friendship.

100 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The substantial help from everyone.

101 I am, I claim, thank

                   The primordial commitment of men.

102 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The blessing of the invisible on visible world.

103 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The inherent merging of opposites.

104 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The universal right to freedom.

105 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The planetary awakening of our divinity.

106 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The spiritual resurrection of all mankind.

107 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The amorous rise of life.

108 I am, I claim, I thank

                   The ultimate return to the source.