Vinyasa Yoga

“Accept what is,
Let go of what was,
And have faith in what will be”
Siddhartha Gautama,
better known as the Buddha

What is Vinyasa Prana Flow Yoga?

The Flow Prana is a global approach passed on by Shiva Rea and the global community of Vinyasa Flow instructors which allows the expression of the yoga flow.

The term VINYASA means, in Sanskrit, synchronization of movement with the breath.
The term PRANA unifies in itself the notions of the breath and the breath’s vital principle, as well as its organic manifestation in breathing.
Students from all levels have the possibility to come into contact with the power of Prana – the universal source of breathing, of life energy and of awareness – as a source for yoga practice and for the daily life.
Students of the Flow Prana learn the classic sequences and the innovative approaches to vinyasa, as well as the the state of the flow coming from teachings by Krishnamacharya, tantras, Ayurveda, Bhakti yoga and the teaching experience from Shiva Rea over the past 20 years.


Vinyasa Prana Yoga is also

  • An evolutive method which allows to embody the transformation and a radiant health by developping and maintaining these following aspects :
  • Internal and external strengh, flexibility and fluidity
  • The practice of intuition and of our qualities in action
  • Vital energy and relaxation
  • The capacity of revelation and receptiveness
  • A catalyst to transform old paradigms and memories from the body so to discover our vitality, as well as our creation and action potentials
  • A way to free the natural flow of spontaneous intelligence
  • A mean to keep alive the art of yoga which breathing, movement, music, sound, visual arts and poetry are part of, in order to deepen the life’s flow
  • A way to follow with confidence the natural rythm of breathing, change and the life’s flow
  • To live, to love and to be at the service of life in all its forms

A SADHANA (a practice) of Vinyasa Prana Flow Yoga includes  


Bhava is the state of Being which is being put forward, the emotion, a particular quality or energy which we wish to translate into movement so to bring about a sense of unity within oneself.
A technique without Bhava is like having food with no taste in it.
The Bhava is an internal state which brings transformation and healing in the yoga flow.


Evolution is the path of progression for students of all levels, through the different karma – steps of the peak asanas (advanced postures).
A class sequence is created according to the function and the energy of asanas that allow each student to develop and to work on what is relevant to oneself at a given day.
There are no hierarchy in terms of importance or success between, for instance, BALASANA (child’s pose) and advanced back-bending asana such as NATARAJASANA (Dancer Pose).


By means of exploration, the related asanas, the breathing, the visualization, the images, the chakras (our energy centers) and the pranayamas (breathing exercises), all the physical and energy structures of the body are worked at within the sequence.

Energy alignment:

The approach of the vinyasa method allows bringing awareness into the key actions of asanas, the movement of the Prana and the union of opposites. It aligns the body and the energy towards the advantages of each posture.
The emphasis is put on the continuous and uninterrupted flow of our meditative outlook on the inner experience, inside the flow.

The collective flow:

The group energy orientation is not solely focused on the outside appearances of a class or a workshop. Instead, it is a journey that brings us to explore the river of the Prana which runs within us and around us.
The river always bring us to the ocean, the ocean is our consciousness.

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I was drawn to Emma’s yoga classes from day one. She is one of the most authentic and knowledgeable yoga instructors I have ever known. Emma has a warm presence that makes me feel that she truly cares about her students and our experience. She makes a point of getting to know her students and creates a space where everyone is comfortable to explore their inner child and to be themselves. I feel that there is a sense of community in Emma’s classes and it is her warmth, her wisdom and knowledge that keeps people coming back again and again. I am grateful for her gentle guidance, for teaching me what it means to listen to your own body and for creating a space where I know I will always find inner peace.

Daria B.